〜 Piled salt 〜




In Japan, salt is believed to have purifying powers and keep evil spirits away. Salt piled up in a small dish will not only ward off evil,
but will also encourage " Raise fortune,"  " Flood of customers," " Thriving business," and more.
Please put the salt in the place you like, such as God shelf, entrance, each room etc.


〜 Edible Salt 〜



You can use "salt of kamishio" in dishes as edible salt. It's mellow taste and salt with a taste.
We hope to pay the evil spirits and feel the power by being in a small amount of salt in your mouth at a business discussion and a game,
before leaving the home or in my spare times at work.


〜 Amulet salt 〜



Salt help to demonstrate your power as amulet salt when you go out to some worrisome places or take important test, interview,
business discussion.


※The above effect is the tradition from ancient times. We do not promise the effect. We kindly ask for your understanding.